TracePro is used across many industries for opto-mechanical design and analysis. Major applications include:

  • Light Pipe Design – automotive instruments and dashboards, aviation light panels, avionics, switches and indicators, displays, light panels, mobile devices, HDTVs and digital signage, and consumer electronic displays, knobs, and switches
  • Lighting – lamps, LEDs, luminaires, louvers, transportation signs, 
    emergency lighting, day lighting, displays, consumer products, entertainment
  • Aerospace and Defense – avionics, light panels, HUDs, telescopes, 
    stray light, baffles, ghost images, thermal effects, narcissus effects, diffraction analysis, polarization
  • Automotive – instruments, dashboards, light pipes, headlights, taillamps, warning lights, interior lighting, auxiliary lighting
  • Display Design – projectors, flat panels, mobile devices, LCDs, plasma, LED, TVs, light pipes, signage, films and filters
  • Consumer Electronics – machine vision, laser cavity design, 
    lab instruments and measurement systems
  • Medical and Life Sciences – tissue propagation, glucose calculation, 
    oxygen heart rate and pulse monitoring, flow cytometry, medical lighting, 
    surgical lighting
  • Stray Light

To discuss your specific application, please contact an applications engineer.

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