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TracePro is our award winning illumination design, analysis,
and optimization software. 
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Supporting TracePro Documents

Featured Paper

Take a look at this paper authored by a team of engineers in Belgium which highlights the use of the luminance module of TracePro.



OSLO is the most powerful and foremost imaging system design software used for determination of optimal size and shape of lenses and other optical components. Download the OSLO brochure.


Educators and Students

We offer discounts on our software and training programs to educators and engineering students in wide range of technical studies.

To learn more about our technology and how it works, please see:

OSLO EDU (Free Download)

OSLO-EDU is a free Windows program with a reduced number of features compared to OSLO Light.  Please see Differences Between the EDU and Light Editions of OSLO for a detailed comparison.   It also restricts you to working with systems that have up to 10 surfaces including the object and image surfaces. Although OSLO-EDU does not include all the capabilities of OSLO Light, Standard or Premium, it does give you optical design power that exceeds many commercial programs. OSLO-EDU gives you the basic ability to lay out, edit, optimize, analyze, tolerance, and save a wide range of optical systems. OSLO-EDU is perfectly tailored for educational use.

Download OSLO-EDU for Windows XP/Vista/7/8:


Documentation for the commands in OSLO is provided primarily through its on-line help system. The OSLO User Guide provides a step-by-step introduction for the novice OSLO user or for those new to optical design. You can also download the OSLO Optics Reference, which is a combination of an introductory guide to the OSLO program as well as a general reference for optical analysis in optical design and engineering. While particularly useful in learning OSLO, anyone interested in optical design will find the OSLO Optics Reference full of valuable information.

OSLO User Guide (4.0 MBytes)
OSLO Optics Reference (4.4 MBytes)

Please contact us for more information about how our software can be part of your curriculum.