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Illuminance, Irradiance, and Luminous Flux

luca’lux Illuminane and Luminous Intensity Measurement System

The luca’lux system is ideal for illuminance and luminous intensity measurement for production control, development verification, or other applications where speed is essential. The measurement is spatially taken in one shot reflecting against a reflecting or transmitting screen. The entire measurement of the light illuminance distribution of a luminaire or other optical system is carried out in seconds. Predefined evaluation masks compare measured results with desired standards in seconds, and the easy-to-understand test results reveal immediately whether test points are within the prescribed standard. Specialized configurations of the luca’lux system are available for specific applications.

luca’lux Airfield Lighting Test System (ALTS)

luca’lux Airfield allows fast and easy measurement and evaluation of airfield lighting systems in compliance with ICAO (FAA, CAP168) regulations and others. Precise measurement of the luminous intensity distribution of airfield lighting is realized in seconds and any lack of homogeneity in the luminous intensity of airfield lights is revealed.


luca’lux Medical Lighting Test System (MLTS) and Medical Lighting Calibration System (MLCS)

The photometric and geometric measurement of the medical equipment light field accomplished in seconds and compared against the respective standards (e.g. DIN EN 60601-2-41). And in case luminaires need to be adjusted or calibrated, the MLCS offers a wide range of possibilities to adjust different work items or different light fields.


luca’bsdf Hair Shine Measurement System

luca’bsdf is an objective hair shine measurement system that allows professional and extensive measurement of hair tresses in view of their visual appearance. The test system allows designers to objectively evaluate the appearance of hair care products or the environmental stress on the appearance of human hair.