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Ray Sets

luca'rayset is a product for use with opsira source measurement to produce precision ray data for use in TracePro and OSLO. The ray data file is compiled from several thousand luminance measurements around a light source. The raysets are available in both monochromatic and polychromatic versions. All ray origin points lie directly on the bounding geometry for the light sources, providing the most accurate simulation possible even for the smallest source geometries. The CAD geometry of the light source as well as the measuring conditions, position of the light source and global coordinates of the source geometry is included with the rayset to ensure ray data is used correctly in the modeling system.

Light source measurements are carried out on high precision near-field goniophotometers with at least 12 bit digitization depth. At each position the measuring camera is adjusted based on the actual luminance situation for that position. The precise measurement of the source is confirmed by the use of a 2π half solid angle goniometer and 4π full solid angle goniometer.