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Scatter Measurement

Lambda Research offers the following products:

Opsira gonio 2'pi and 4'pi Scatterometers

opsira’s Scatterometers are goniometric based with the ability to measure 2D or 3D bi-directional scattering distribution function (BSDF) data, the metric of scattered light. The measured BSDF-data is available in a number of different formats and can be imported by all current optical simulation program.

Possible measurements:

  • Measurement of scattered light distributions in both reflection and transmission (BRDF, BTDF)
  • Measurement dynamics up to 8 orders of magnitude for the measurement of the scatter light at extremely low levels
  • Measuring angular resolution up to 10-4 degrees
  • Scatter light data and models for different optics simulation tools

CASI Scatterometer

The SMS CASI® Scatterometer from Schmitt Measurement Systems Inc. is the recognized industry standard resolved BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) instrument. The SMS CASI Scatterometer uses laser light from UV to IR as a nondestructive probe to measure surfaced quality, optical performance, smoothness, appearance, defects, and contamination on a wide variety of materials.

The sample is mounted on stages capable of moving in X and Y and/or rotation. The incident angle can be set to any angle up to 85° from surface normal. The detector sweeps around the sample in the incident plane measuring scattered and specular light. During the scan, the computer controls gain, filter, and aperture changes through user-defined parameters. The instrument background is measured separately and can be compared to the sample data.

The CASI Analysis Software simplifies analysis of scatter data. BRDF values are used to calculate TIS, Total Hemispherical Reflectance, PSD, and RMS roughness.

Applications include:

  • Optical surfaces 
  • Diffuse materials 
  • Semiconductor wafers 
  • Magnetic storage media 
  • Precision machined surfaces 
  • Cosmetic appearance

luca’bsdf Hair Shine Measurement System

luca’bsdf is an objective hair shine measurement system that allows professional and extensive measurement of hair tresses in view of their visual appearance. The test system allows users to objectively evaluate the appearance of hair care products or the environmental stress on the appearance of human hair.

One element of the evaluation is sparkle resulting from light scatter on the surface of the hair. Numeric values are generated for the sparkle on the hair surface by means of a dynamic illumination and evaluation of the sparkle points.

ScatterScope 3D

ScattterScope3D is the perfect system to quickly detect surface imperfections and quantitatively measure scatter on any surface. The ScatterScope3D measures and records sample scatter in an approximate 40 degree area surrounding the reflected (or transmitted) incident specular beam situated at 30 degrees incoming to the sample. Results are displayed as user selectable profiles, color related intensity plots or as a three dimensional simulation in BSDF units as shown below on the computer screen. There are three configuration of the ScatterScope3D, transmissive only, reflective only and both transmissive and reflective measurement configurations.

ScatterScope 3D