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Source Measurement

Accurate source measurement and characterization in the modeling system are of critical importance in the design process. If source characteristics are not properly measured and represented, the overall model is likewise incorrect.

All source measurement goniometers available from Lambda Research Corporation benefit from robust construction, high precision in the mechanical setup, and zero backlash drives. All goniometer types work with an angular accuracy of 0.0001°. And ray data obtained from the measurements can converted for use with TracePro using the luca’rayset software.


gonio’2 π is a state-of-the art and versatile goniometer that offers precise measurement of light source characteristics. gonio’2π control software supports the scan of multiple arbitrary solid angle regions with specific angular resolutions for the measurements. gonio’2π is designed to conduct measurements in the top half of the sphere without turning the sample.



Like the gonio’2π, gonio’4π offers the same solid construction, measurement precision, and ability to produce ray data for TracePro. gonio’4π supports full sphere measurements without turning the sample. About 99.5% of the complete 4π solid angle can be measured.


robogonio is the first multi-functional goniometer that incorporates 6-axis measurement of angular-dependent photo- and radiometric parameters to combine the advantages of different conventional goniometer types into one device.

robogonio is a revolutionary design concept through the incorporation of an industrial robot that provides flexibility in the positioning of light samples for measurement of light sources and luminaires. With a variety of mechanical variances, as well as the ability for manipulation of measurement angles, this goniometer can scan virtually any geometry in the traditional A, B or C planes by using one single measurement system. This saves the user time by eliminating the need to move the test material and recalibrate the unit, thus increasing accuracy and productivity.

Certified by the German independent testing group TÜV, robogonio is one of the highest accuracy gonio-photometers available in the world today. With an angular repeatability better than 0.005 degrees combined with robust and reliable mechanical setup, robogonio enables highly accurate and complete photometric measurement quickly and with a high degree of flexibility.