OSLO is the most powerful and foremost imaging system design software used for determination of optimal size and shape of lenses and other optical components. Download the OSLO brochure.


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OSLO Catalogs and Libraries

Glass Catalogs

  • Shott
  • Ohara
  • Hikari
  • Chengdu (CDGM)
  • Hoya
  • Corning
  • Sumita
  • Vitron
  • Miscellaneous (IR, UV, quartz…)

Catalog Lens Database

You can search the lenses by aperture diameter, EFL, or part name and directly insert them in your current system. Available catalogs:

  • Combined database (> 3000 lenses)
  • Edmund Scientific
  • JML Optics
  • Melles Griot
  • Newport/Klinger
  • OptoSigma
  • Spindler & Hoyer
  • U.S. Precision Lens

Using the database interface, you can:

  • Autodraw to scale
  • Sort by EFL, diameter, part number
  • Sort as singlets, doublets, others
  • Merge as elements or surface sequences

System Libraries

OSLO Standard and Premium include a library of more than 800 lens prescriptions, including:

  • OSLO demos and examples (40 systems)
  • Non-sequential, special examples (37 systems)
  • Vendor lenses (192 systems)
  • Optics Toolbox (101 systems)
  • Arthur Cox library (330 systems)
  • Smith/Genesee library (339 systems)
  • Ellis Betensky zoom library (44 systems)

Browse all the systems in the library, sort on the category, EFL, number of elements, total length, and view its drawing and spot diagram.