OSLO is the most powerful and foremost imaging system design software used for determination of optimal size and shape of lenses and other optical components. Download the OSLO brochure.


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OSLO Optical System Setup

OSLO allows you great flexibility in setting up an optical system for optimization, analysis, or tolerancing.

  • Environmental temperature, pressure
  • Variety of solves and pickups for curvature and thickness specifications
  • Aperture Specification:
    • Variety of solves and pickups
    • Optional aperture checking
    • Variety of aperture shapes. Complex apertures can be built from combinations of transmitting/obstructing ellipses/triangles/quadrangles. Limit of 2 special apertures per surface in Standard Edition.
  • Complete glass specification:
    • Variety of glass models, parameters (dn/dT, expansion coefficients, transmittance…) now searchable
    • Select from manufacturers' glass catalogs, or define your own glasses
    • Glass catalogs from:
      • Shott
      • Ohara
      • Hoya
      • Corning
      • Sumita
      • Miscellaneous (IR, UV, quartz…)
  • Gaussian apodization (circular or elliptical)
  • Ray Aiming Modes:
    • Lagrangian (direct)
    • Hamiltonian (iterated)
  • Paraxial constants and ray trace (YZ and XZ)
  • Advanced aberrations analysis (text and graphic)
  • Ray tracing:
    • Wide angle ray trace mode
    • Extended aperture ray trace mode
    • Polarization ray trace
    • DOE efficiency (scalar model)
    • DOE surface phase and grating spacing
    • DOE zone radii
  • Focal/afocal analysis
  • Lens drawings:
    • 2D Plan view (x, y, or z direction)
    • 3D Shaded Model (rotating), Wire frame 3D, Solid model 3D
    • Array drawings
    • ISO 10110 element drawings
    • Rich Surface and Ray Fans drawing options
  • Field point set:
    • Unlimited field points
    • Object coordinates (y, x, z)
    • Reference surface coordinates (y, x)
    • Fractional vignetting (min and max in y, x)
    • Field point weight
  • Surface Coordinates
    • 3D tilts/decenters on all surfaces
    • Tilt and bend surfaces
    • Return coordinates to previous surface
    • Global or local coordinate surface specification