OSLO is the most powerful and foremost imaging system design software used for determination of optimal size and shape of lenses and other optical components. Download the OSLO brochure.


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OSLO Surface Types

Surfaces in OSLO can be refracting, reflecting, or total-internal-reflecting (TIR)

  • Conic (parabolic, elliptical, hyperbolic)
  • Cylindrical Surfaces
  • Toroidal
  • Polynomial asphere even orders
  • Symmetric polynomial asphere all orders
  • Asymmetric polynomial asphere all orders
  • Toroidal asphere
  • Rotational spline, unlimited points
  • Fresnel (plane, spherical, conic)
  • Axicon
  • ISO 10110 asphere
  • ISO 10110 cone
  • ISO 10110 toroidal asphere
  • ISO 10110 biconic
  • ISO 10110 asymmetric cone
  • Rotational Zernike asphere
  • General XY Zernike asphere
  • General XY asphere

Diffractive Surfaces

  • Linear grating (any substrate)
  • Two-point hologram
  • Rotational power-series diffractive/binary
  • General XY power-series diffractive/binary
  • Rotational Zernike diffractive
  • General XY Zernike diffractive
  • Diffractive axicon (rotational symmetry)
  • Diffractive axicon (asymmetric)

Eikonal Surfaces

  • Perfect lens
  • Eikonal (point, angle, pt-angle, angle-pt)

User Defined Surfaces

  • User Defined gradient surface
  • User Defined sag surface
  • User Defined diffractive surface
  • User Defined eikonal surface (CCL or DLL)
  • Arbitrary User Defined Ray Trace Surface

Lens Arrays

  • Lens array (uniformly spaced elements)
  • Lens array (arbitrarily spaced elements)

Gradient Index Surfaces

  • Axial gradient
  • Radial gradient
  • Paraxial ray trace (axial and radial gradients)
  • Tilt and decenter of the gradient coordinate system
  • Wood lens
  • SELFOCâ„¢ lens
  • Gradiumâ„¢ lens
  • Axial & elliptical gradient
  • Axial & sinusoidal gradient
  • Axial & tapered gradient
  • Spherical gradient
  • Maxwell's fisheye
  • Luneburg lens
  • User-defined gradient (CCL-Plus or DLL)
  • GRIN index value at any point
  • Axial GRIN profile plot

Interferogram Files

Add interferogram data (e.g. Zygo or Wyko) to any surface for advanced simulation and tolerancing