Tracepro Award-winning opto-mechanical software for the design, analysis and optimization of optical and illumination systems
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Fast & accurate raytracing simulation within SOLIDWORKS® – introducing RayViz an affordable SOLIDWORKS® add-in for managing optical and mechanical design work.

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The world’s most powerful and foremost imaging system design software used for determination of optimal size and shape of lenses and other optical components.

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Optics and Illumination Software

TracePro® is used for the design, analysis and optimization of optical and illumination systems. With an intuitive CAD interface and powerful interactive optimizers, TracePro offers a powerful optical design environment with a short learning curve to accelerate product development. We also offer a University program for teaching purposes.


RayViz is a SOLIDWORKS® add-in that enables you to apply and save optical properties and trace rays directly in a SOLIDWORKS® model. With RayViz, a single model is used by both TracePro for ray tracing and optical analysis, and by SOLIDWORKS® for mechanical design and modifying optical properties to ensure data integrity.

Professional Optical Design Software

OSLO® is a powerful yet affordable optical design program with the scope needed to meet today’s optical design requirements. OSLO combines advanced ray tracing, analysis, and optimization methods with a high-speed macro language to solve a wide variety of new problems in optical design. See also OSLO EDU.

TracePro® 19.2 Released

Lambda Research Corporation, a leading publisher of illumination and optical design software, announces the 19.2 release of its TracePro® 2019 software for Illumination and Non-Imaging Optical Design & Analysis. This new release of TracePro has enhancements in the...
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Light Pipe Design using TracePro

Design Intricate Light Pipes Optimized for Utility, Efficiency, Color, and Uniformity   Light pipes (aka light guides) are widely used in automotive instrument panels, aircraft avionics, consumer electronics, and many other applications. Design engineers...
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OSLO® 19.1 Release

Lambda Research Corporation proudly announces the 19.1 release of its OSLO 2019 software for Optical System Layout and Optimization. This new release of OSLO is built as a 64-bit application for better compatibility with the Windows 10 operating system as well as...
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