Simulate and optimize light pipe designs, light guides, and non-imaging lenses and mirrors for a variety of products.

Tracepro is used to design many types of products such as consumer electronics, medical imaging, and avionics to name but a few.

Display designers can be confident that TracePro will accurately predict the performance and aesthetics of finished products with fewer costly prototypes. In addition, TracePro is a luminaire design software packed with optical tools for illumination system requirements, ideal for light pipe and light guide design. The virtual prototyping environment enables designers to accurately analyze and visualize light pipes before fabrication.

The solar emulator is a unique tool for analyzing 3D designs and simulating performance using standardized definitions for geographical location (latitude, longitude, and elevation) and sky model.

Analyze your design for a specified period of sun travel with multiaxial tracking and irradiance for both direct and indirect sun contribution. Analysis output includes irradiance, candela maps, turbidity calculations, total flux, and efficiency over time.

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TracePro was originally developed for NASA for stray light analysis, and that continues to be a core strength, with versatile modeling of BRDF and BTDF. TracePro is an ideal tool for analyzing ghost images, scattered stray light, and even self-emission in your infrared vision or FLIR camera. Wavelength bands from the long-wave infrared (LWIR) to mid-wave (MWIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR), or even near-infrared (NIR) can be modeled.

Leaverage TracePro as thermal technology software to verify the performance of your thermal optics design.