We are North American distributors for opsira light measurement equipment as well as worldwide distributors for ScatterMaster’s ScatterScope4 scatterometer. Both of these companies are renowned for their accuracy and precision of their equipment and their products complement TracePro by providing accurate source and surface scatter measurements. 

opsira product line:

opsira offers a complete line of optical metrology hardware. Their high-performance equipment measures sources and surfaces for multiple applications. Furthermore the entire line is customizable on request. Below you can find the top four products based on customer interest: robogonio, luca luminance measurement systems, gonio’2pi scatterometer and spec’3 spectrometer line.


The world’s first and fastest robot-based goniophotometer. It offers the highest flexibility, rapid scanning, variable sized loading, maximum precision, and intuitive operation all in one package for lamp and fixture measurement. Its degrees of freedom enable the measurement of several systems in one instrument (DIN 5032-1, DIN EN 13032-1, and CIE 121).


Luca’s full line of luminance measurement equipment offers luminance, scatter and spectral measurements. Which are perfect for measuring LED and lamp based displays for luminance uniformity as well as luminance absolution and ratios. They can measure superfine structures with extreme resolutions, spatially resolved for detailed documentation of display output.


Scatterometers built to measure 2D or 3D bi-directional scattering distribution function (BSDF) data. Measured BSDF-data is available in a number of different formats for export to all current optical simulation programs. Possible measurements include transmissive and reflective scans with up to 8 orders of magnitude range and an angular resolution of up to 10-4 degrees.


Spectral measurement from the UV into the IR are accomplished using the spec’3 line of products. These compact units qualify and quantify the colorimetric properties of light sources or are setup in larges systems to test luminaires and displays.  Color temperature and color rendition indices are important indicators in the evaluation of medical lamps or color control luminaires.

ScatterMaster ScatterScope4:

ScatterScope4 ushers in the next generation of high-speed scatter metrology equipment. Operating in both reflection and transmission mode the ScatterScope4 completes a full hemispherical BSDF measurement scan in under a minute!

ScatterScope4 offers:

• Calibrated BRDF or ARS 3D profile

• Measurement and analysis results in under one minute

• Operates in both reflectance and transmission

• Adjustable angle of incidence

• Multiple wavelength measurement but just one package

• Data is displayed in either BSDF or ARS units.


One key feature includes programmable scans which sample the reflective or transmissive hemisphere tighter than 5 degrees and less than 0.6 degrees near the specular beam (with the Beam Profiler option). Standard units have a 635 nm source but please contact us regarding other wavelength sources of 473, 532, 635 and 980 nm.

Another top feature, the dynamic range of this scatterometer exceeds 10 decades of magnitude with a noise floor of about 10-6/sr. This makes the device capable of measuring most optics, but not polished Si wafers. Measurement of any incident angle up to 75 degrees from the surface normal can be achieved. Batch scans are programmable for different wavelengths and incident angles