TracePro, OSLO, and RayViz Product Trial

The bio-optical design suite that eliminates trial-and-error prototyping.

Now with more design power and reporting utilities, it has never been easier to use software to design medical lighting, microscopy,  and spectroscopy systems and to evaluate medical tissue systems for the life sciences. Try our optical design and development suite chosen by the world’s most adept bio-optical engineers and designers free for 30 days. 

Your trial includes:

  • All 3 of our programs, TracePro Expert, OSLO Premium and RayViz.
  • Specific bio-optical design tools and utilities to incorporate custom tissue definitions for bulk scatter and fluorescent dyes into any life science analysis.
  • TracePro has built-in catalogs of human tissue and fluorescent dye properties.
  • Interactive raytracing and optimization capabilities in TracePro allow you to brainstorm your bio-optical design ideas.
  • Specific stray light analyses capabilities written for NASA under an SBIR , TracePro is the only  successful spinoff products written for stray light analysis. TracePro includes path sort filtering with Boolean logic to find problematic noise and crosstalk issues in bio-optical equipment especially useful in flow-cytometry analysis.
  • Over 1000 sample files to get you started in OSLO Premium on your bio-optical design including sevearl patented microscope lens designs and a full suite of visual system examples.
  • RayViz, our easiest to learn software to get you up and raytracing in minutes inside SOLIDWORKS to virtually prototype quickly .
  • With this trial you can completely try out each program, import and export CAD geometry, create your own optical properties or use our catalogs, and trace as many rays as needed.
  • Free online meetings, videos, tutorial and webinars are available during your trial to accelerate your learning curve and to show workflow.
Tissue sample showing rays bulk scattering through tissue from an LED source to a detector in a standard tissue model in TracePro.