• When: February 27th to March 2nd, 2018
  • Where: Technical University of Cologne, Germany
  • Who: Current users of TracePro who want to improve their skills, and beginners considering the purchase of an optical/illumination design and analysis program.

This 4-day course, with 2 separate sessions, provides detailed introductory and advanced uses of TracePro for engineers and scientists who wish to model and analyze the interaction of light with opto-mechanical systems.

While attending, you will learn to use all of the major features of TracePro including model creation, illumination simulation, and optimization with hands-on examples to practice. 

The course will include: 

      Ray tracing overview, principles, options and settings
      Importing and creating geometry in TracePro using both simple and complex geometry
      Applying properties, creating custom properties, defining sources
      How to use TracePro’s analysis tools
      Instruction in the Scheme macro language and macro recorder
      How to use Importance Sampling to increase scatter results
      Principles of optimization, Use of the 2D&3D optimizers
      Creating geometry in the optimizers, defining variables, defining optimization goals and targets
          Optimization examples including lens, reflector, and light guide example
      Tolerancing and sensitivity analysis

Each trainee will be provided with their own individual PC. Lambda Research will also provide your lunch.

Registration Form Available here

Lambda Research Corporation offers a variety of training courses intended to optimize your TracePro experience and to ensure maximum productivity in mastering the optical and illumination process.

Our experts have decades of experience in optical and illumination systems design and can be of great assistance helping your design team reach maximum productivity quickly.