Simulate light pipes, optimize light pipe design and model daylighting.

TracePro is the ideal tool for your lighting design. Model custom LED and other light sources for luminaires, light pipes and light guides. Industry-leading light simulation and calculation software.

TracePro is the ideal tool to design, optimize and virtually prototype your product. Simulate light pipes, optimize light pipe design and model daylighting. Simulate LED lighting, track lighting, emergency lighting and instrument panels with TracePro, the ultimate lighting design program. Reduce the build-and-test cycle prototyping process and more efficiently complete your development project. Accomplish reflector design and reflector optimization with ease. Validate your design with an illuminance map, luminance map, or candela plot. Include light scatter effects with TracePro’s advanced scatter modeling for BRDF, BTDF, and bulk scatter.

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TracePro has been used for decades for designing light pipes and light guides and is trusted for its accuracy of results. Its Interactive Optimizer makes constructing an initial design easy and fun, with interactive rays that update as you modify geometry. Then define operands and variables, and let the optimizer seek the best design. Use the Texture Optimizer to design backlights or when a custom textured diffuser is required. You can also import CAD geometry for detailed performance analysis in TracePro. Calculate lumens, lux, candelas and generate photorealistic renderings with TracePro’s easy-to-use interface.