TracePro Product Trial

Versatile CAD software to accelerate optical and illumination design and stray light analysis.

Analyze and design optical and illumination designs like never before using 3D CAD based multi-threaded raytracing software! TracePro’s imaging and non-imaging  simulation capabilities are outstanding, giving users an in-depth view of how their design works before manufacture. Create better optical designs in less time, our 30 day trial will introduce you to TracePro’s easy-to-use interface, excellent CAD interoperability with applications like SOLIDWORKS and easy-to-understand output using a one level deep menu interface. Import or build a design, add optical properties, raytrace and analyze an optical system in minutes! Try out the only optical design and analysis software solution written under a NASA SBIR specifically to merge optical designs and CAD geometry for stray light analysis for free for 30 days. Here’s why TracePro is so powerful…

  • 3D opto-mechanical solid modeling CAD engine with multi-threaded Monte Carlo raytracing to create a virtual environment that accelerates production time to market.
  • Specific tools written into the program for non-sequential raytracing including ray path sorting with filtering, flux reports and incident ray tables needed for optical and stray light analysis.
  • Two ray tracing modes for complete analysis, analysis and simulation. In analysis mode, TracePro keeps information on all surfaces it intersects making it extremely easy to post-process what-if-problem scenarios and track any path from any surface to any other surface. Simulation mode is simpler only keeping track of surface intersects you specify enabling a more judicious use of the memory in your computer.
  • Importance sampling with stratified techniques to find under sampled scatter paths to track hard to find cross-talk, ghosting and multiple scattering paths including volume scattering.
  • NASA recognized spinoff
  • Built-in design tools that expedite the prototype-to-manufacture process for both imaging and non-imaging systems including tolerance analysis.
  • 3D interactive optimizer and interactive raytracing make lens, reflector and baffle design easier with easy-to-use sketch utilities to brainstorm optical and illumination solutions.
  • Wide applicability for the aerospace and defense, bio-science, consumer product, and display markets.
  • All output is available in graphical and quantitative formats for post-processing including candela, radiance, incident ray tables, flux reports, 2D and 3D irradiance and both IES, ECE and Eulumdat reports necessary to validate and publish reports of any design.
  • Special tools to design freeform LED lens and unusually shaped smooth and faceted reflector designs.
  • Solar analysis utility to simulate direct and indirect sun contribution for time period evaluation, turbidity conditions, for any user-defined location and sun aiming techniques.
  • TracePro simulates optical systems operating at all wavelengths in the extreme ultraviolet through the high Infrared range including polarization and birefringent effects.
  • Thermal calculations including Narcissus, blackbody, greybody effects for both imaging and non-imaging system designs.
  • Finally, RayViz creates an optical bridge between TracePro and SOLIDWORKS. RayViz adds the capability to add optical properties to any SOLIDWORKS models for visualized ray propagation and to export a TracePro file ready for further design and analysis. 

Your free trial is fully functional and includes full feature access to all three products, TracePro, OSLO and RayViz:

Want to learn more about stray light, download our stray light slides.

Please Note:

  • TracePro Trials are intended for commercial users evaluating for purchase consideration only.
  • Students are not eligible for trials. Speak to our sales managers for University and Research-only licenses.
  • If you are not located in Europe, North or South America, your trial will be fulfilled by one of our Distributors, please contact them using our handy World Map.