Product Information

Feature Highlights. Explore OSLO’s many features for optical design.
Compare Editions. See which edition meets your design needs.
Current Releases. Go to the current release for downloading.
Optical System Setup. Set up an optical system for optimization or analysis.
Surface Types. View the many types of optical surface supported by OSLO.
User Interface. Discover the versatile user interface.
Optimization. OSLO offers many optimization methods to solve your design problem.
Source and Illumination Analysis. Analyze image quality with point sources, simulate real sources, or calculate vignetting.
Import/Export. Import files from other optical design software and export CAD files.
Catalogs and Libraries. OSLO has built-in glass catalogs from the world’s optical glass makers, a library of components from popular suppliers, and a large database of optical designs.
Advanced Features. Advanced features are available to design unusual optical systems.
Zooms. OSLO has powerful features for designing zoom or other multi-configuration systems.
Tolerancing. Complete and thorough tolerance analysis ensures your design can be built cost-effectively.
Standard Analysis. Standard analysis that every optical designer needs is available here.
Examples. Many examples for getting started in designing with OSLO and writing macro programs are provided.
Tutorials. Detailed tutorials are available to get you up to speed.
Literature. Detailed tutorials are available to get you up to speed.


OSLO 7 will run on the following operating systems:

Operating System
Minimum RAM
Windows 10 1 GB
Windows 8 1 GB
Windows 7 1 GB
Windows Vista 1 GB
Windows 10 (64-bit) 2 GB
Windows 8 (64-bit) 2 GB
Windows 7 (64-bit) 2 GB
Windows Vista (64-bit) 2 GB

Disk space required for installation
: 30 MB



(Worldwide Pricing)

Software for Windows 7/8/10

Initial License Fee

Permanent license plus 12 months of support
Fixed license
Network license
Premium Edition $3,500 $4,000
Standard Edition $2,500 $3,000
Light Edition $1,250

Annual Support Subscription

Fixed license
Network license
Premium Edition $1,000 $1,250
Standard Edition $750 $1,000
Light Edition $500

Support Subscription includes program revisions released during your active support period and technical support assistance. Support for 12 months is included with the initial purchase of OSLO software: Light, Standard, and Premium Editions.

Please note: Annual Support Subscription prices apply only to customers who are current in their support. Please call for specific prices if your Support Subscription has expired.

Terms are net 30 days. Price valid for thirty days.

Shipping Charges

$80.00 USA
$85.00 Canada; Mexico
$95.00 HI; AK; South America; Brazil
$100.00 India (No Manuals)
$110.00 South Korea; Japan; Taiwan; Hong Kong; Singapore; China Mainland; Malaysia; Israel; Middle East; Europe $115.00 India (With Manuals)
$170.00 Poland / Czech Republic

Product contents
USB Hardware Key for OSLO Light, Standard and OSLO Premium
Network License for OSLO Standard and OSLO Premium only
Documentation set: OSLO 7 Optics Reference Manual, OSLO 7 Programmers Reference Manual.

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Prices subject to change without notice.