Predefined Models

Hundreds of pre-existing models have been developed and can be inserted into a TracePro model. Models are available through our Support area, as well as from light source and luminaire manufacturers and through third-party industry partners.

You can insert catalog lenses from Edmund, Linos Spindler Hoyer, Melles Griot, Newport, Rolyn, and others into your model with a single step. A wide variety of light sources from Osram, Sylvania, Philips, and others are also available for import. Other manufacturers may provide access to luminaire models on a case-by-case basis.

RGB LED setup with true color output shown on target and illuminance map shown at right

Models are represented as .oml files and contain geometric information, material and surface properties, and source properties.

Imported models can be used as is or customized to meet specific requirements. It is common practice for TracePro users to archive model libraries for corporate use within design teams. Finally, with the RayViz, .oml files can be exported from SOLIDWORKS so that model changes are fully preserved through the mechanical and optical design process.

Design productivity is a core tenet of the TracePro approach to optical design.
The vast archive of TracePro models stimulates rapid prototype development for optical systems and reduces the learning curve for new users.