Use Ray Tracing Simulation to Increase Productivity and Reduce Prototyping Costs

TracePro is more than a ray tracing program; it’s a complete virtual prototyping system.

Use ray tracing simulation to increase productivity and reduce prototyping costs. TracePro is a complete, versatile software tool for simulating optical systems by ray propagation.

Utilize interactive ray tracing and optimization capabilities in TracePro to visualize light propagation in your design. Full 3D illuminance and irradiance maps on the system geometry and advanced ray display, luminance maps, and photorealistic renderings by raytracing simuation enable complete visualization and evaluation of your design.

TracePro’s  analysis tools include irradiance maps, angular intensity plots, and radiance maps for predicting and visualizing the performance of your illumination system or optical device. You can analyze many performance aspects of your design, whether it’s a camera, lighting system, or laboratory instrument.

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TracePro was originally developed as a ray tracing program for NASA for stray light analysis, and that continues to be a core strength, with versatile modeling of BRDF and BTDF. TracePro is an ideal tool for analyzing ghost images, scattered stray light, and even self-emission in your infrared vision or FLIR camera. Light modeling of wavelengths from the long-wave infrared (LWIR) to mid-wave (MWIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR), or even near-infrared (NIR) can be accomplished.