RayViz is a SOLIDWORKS® add-in for visualizing light rays.

Rayviz enables you to apply and save optical properties and trace rays directly in the SOLIDWORKS CAD model. A single model is used by both TracePro® (for ray tracing and optical analysis) and by SOLIDWORKS (for mechanical design and modifying optical properties) to ensure data integrity.

It also adds raytracing functionality in your model by doing a simple ray-trace to verify geometry, visualize rays traced from any surface, and check ray paths. Designers significantly accelerate the product development process without sacrificing performance or functionality due to the easy-to-learn interface and minimal setup time. Click on the play icon on the figure below to see a short Rayviz introductory video.

How it Works:

Start with SOLIDWORKS 2013 or later to create parts and assemblies.

Then use it to:
  • Apply TracePro properties
  • Raytrace and visualize rays in SOLIDWORKS to check optical properties, paths and geometry
  • Export the model as an oml file for use in TracePro