Learn how to design more efficient light pipes, with desired output performance in less time, using virtual prototyping by viewing our webinar on this exciting capability in TracePro.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to design better, more efficient light pipes using Lambda Research’s TracePro software. TracePro is a 3D CAD virtual prototyping program with the horsepower and tools to simulate and design light pipes.
Presenter Michael Gauvin will demonstrate effective methods and detailed procedures for simulating light propagation in a light pipe model, analyzing cross-talk effects, producing desired output objectives, and optimizing models for efficiency and output.

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What you’ll learn:
How to design light pipes for maximum efficiency and specified angular output
A basic introduction to the physics behind light pipe design
When and when not to use diffuse textures and bulk scatter components to improve design
Tips and Tricks to create better performing light pipes in less time

Who should watch:
Anyone designing light pipes, especially for automotive and avionic displays, industrial manufacturing, consumer electronics applications and medical devices.

About the presenter:

Michael Gauvin is the vice president of sales and marketing at Lambda Research Corporation and has over 30 years of optical engineering experience. Gauvin has vast experience designing and analyzing illumination systems and implementing stray light studies with various optical engineering programs including Lambda Research’s TracePro, RayViz and OSLO programs. He has worked on several high profile systems including a stray light analysis of the Hubble Space Telescope, the design of the light pipe for the 2nd generation Microsoft Mouse and the Bionix Ear Curette that won the MDEA award for design excellence.