.hpg files and OSLO


I am trying to convert an output *.hpg file (Hewlett Packard graphics file) into a postscript file. I used to be able to successfully do this using the hp2ps command. Since then there has been a lot of change in the people that control the Unix machines here and the program was lost. They recently installed a version that calls an Alun Jones DrawHPGL program. The problem here is that it generates errors. Specifically, the spots in the spot diagrams do not show up. What I would like is a version of hp2ps that supports all of the Oslo outputs.


.hpg files and OSLO


“I have found a few references to the program hp2ps. You can find a copy of the program from http://www.idiom.com/free-compilers/TOOL/HPGL-1.html and other sources.”

The link above is now outdated, but programs to convert .hpg files to other graphics file formats are available.  I found several by performing a web search on the following keywords “hpg graphics convert”.