Network License – Virtual Server moved to different Physical Server (including cloud servers)

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  • Network License – Virtual Server moved to different Physical Server (including cloud servers)

We are aware of the IT practice of creating many virtual servers, and then moving them among several physical servers.  This might be occurring in your network server room, to maximize the usage of the physical servers.  Or you might be using a cloud service, to avoid the time and energy of managing the physical servers.

While we understand that this approach has certain advantages, it is not a viable server configuration to host a TracePro, OSLO, or RayViz network license.

Our network licenses are available as a USB license or a Soft license:

  • a USB license would need to be moved from one physical server to the other, which negates the flexibility of moving the virtual server to another physical server
  • a soft license option is available, but the soft license is bound to unique identifiers from both the software and the hardware on the server, so the license will deactivate when the virtual server is moved
    • this is not a design flaw, it is intentional behavior of the licensing software that prevents a copy of the virtual server from creating a second license


Another point here is that the reason for moving virtual servers among physical servers is to manage large amounts of data, for example databases that need room to grow.  But the licensing software installed to serve the network license is quite small and will remain static.

Our recommendation is to select a physical computer that is on the network, and use that computer as the network license server.

  • “any old box” in a back corner of the server room will work just fine
  • another option is to make the user’s computer the license server