Performance and Accuracy

TracePro’s ray tracing engine is fast and accurate, while giving designers complete control over parameters to achieve simulation results quickly with no compromise in accuracy. Ray tracing features include:

  • Ray Splitting
  • Exact Raytracing ‒ no missed intersections or “leaky” rays
  • Simulation Mode for tracing very large numbers of rays
  • Multiple Exit Surfaces (Simulation Mode)
  • Voxelization of Object Space for fast ray tracing
  • Aperture Diffraction
  • Stratified Importance Sampling

Analysis Mode ray tracing, unique to TracePro, allows you to interactively examine raytrace results for any surface in your model. It is very powerful for setting up and proving out your model, or determining the feasibility of your design. For detailed, accurate simulations of your final design requiring millions of rays, use Simulation Mode to obtain analysis results for selected surfaces.


Elliptical arc lamp assembly coupling
into a square light pipe with 3D irradiance shown

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