Support Policy

There are two elements to the Lambda Research Support Policy:

  • Supported software releases
  • Maintenance and support subscription status

The following software releases are supported (on Windows Vista and later):

  • TracePro® 7.5 and later
  • OSLO® 6.6 and later
  • RayViz for SolidWorks 7.8 and later / TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks 7.5 – 7.7

Services for supported software releases are dependent on the status of the maintenance and support subscription.


Maintenance and Support Subscription  Current   Expired (Note 1)  
   Updates / Latest Release
   Download of Installer
   Installer on USB Flash Drive
Fee required, $50 USD plus shipping
credit card only
   Resend Current License
   USB Key Replacement (Note 2)
Fee Required, $700 USD plus shipping
credit card only
   Softkey Replacement (Note 3)
First 3 replacements – no charge
Additional replacements:
  Fee Required, $250 USD
  Credit Card Only
Fee Required, $700 USD
credit card only
(Note 4)
Technical Support
   Installation and Licensing Support
 Installation Guide
   Request features
   Report Bugs
   Submit questions – use of the software
User’s Manual


  • Note 1 – Services are available for any supported release from the date of purchase to the date of maintenance and support expiration.
  • Note 2 – Lambda Research shall replace defective or obsolete USB keys upon receipt.  If a USB key has been tampered in an attempt to alter or duplicate the license, it will not be replaced.
  • Note 3 – Lambda Research shall replace Software Keys in cases of a change of HostID or a deactivated softkey.  Evidence that the old license has been removed or deactivated is required before the replacement license is issued.
  • Note 4 – Sentinel Software Keys shall be replaced with Sentinel Hardware USB Keys (TracePro 7.4.3 and earlier, OSLO 6.6.5 and earlier, and Rayviz for SolidWorks 7.7.1 and earlier).