Powerful illumination and non-imaging optical design & analysis tools.

Use TracePro’s powerful and complete infrared modeling tools to analyze your thermal imaging camera design

TracePro’s modeling tools for thermal IR imaging and thermography include blackbody, graybody, and spectral thermal emission to enable thermal imaging analysis. You can assign a temperature to any surface and make it an emitter of infrared radiation. TracePro emits radiation using the spectral absorptance of the surface property as the spectral emissivity, making it thermodynamically correct. You can even assign a temperature distribution to selected surfaces. TracePro’s library of infrared materials makes modeling IR systems and lenses easy and fast.

TracePro’s  analysis tools include irradiance maps, angular intensity plots, and radiance maps for predicting and visualizing the performance of your thermographic device or thermal imaging goggles. You can analyze many performance aspects of your design, whether it’s a thermal night vision camera, thermal infrared scanner, or thermographic camera.

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TracePro was originally developed for NASA for stray light analysis, and that continues to be a core strength, with versatile modeling of BRDF and BTDF. TracePro is an ideal tool for analyzing ghost images, scattered stray light, and even self-emission in your infrared vision or FLIR camera. Wavelength bands from the long-wave infrared (LWIR) to mid-wave (MWIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR), or even near-infrared (NIR) can be modeled.

Leaverage TracePro as thermal technology software to verify the performance of your thermal optics design.