Tolerancing is a subject that is often overlooked, or not fully addressed, in the design of illumination optics. Tolerancing methods are well developed and understood in the lens design and imaging system design fields, but tolerancing of illumination optics is much less well developed. Optical design and optimization software tools can allow the designer to make new and exciting designs, but it is possible that the design may not be economical to manufacture due to the sensitivity of the design to variations in the manufacturing process. New tolerance analysis tools in optical design and analysis software allows designers and engineers to evaluate the effect of manufacturing variations and how it will affect the overall performance of the system. This makes it possible to see if a design is truly practical and economical. We will look at the tolerancing methodology as well as some tolerancing examples in this paper.

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Dave Jacobsen is a senior applications engineer at Lambda Research Corporation with over 30 years of optical engineering experience. Jacobsen is Lambda Research Corporation’s primary sales engineer and teaches many TracePro training classes in the U.S. and worldwide.