Littleton, MA, USA – Lambda Research Corporation, a leading designer and publisher of illumination and optical design software, announces the latest version of its flagship TracePro software. TracePro v7.8 is now available for early access to current users. General availability will be announced in early Q2 2016.

Updated features in TracePro v7.8 include a final version of the Lighting Toolkit, new Path Sort Filtering, and new settings for all True Color plots. The Lighting Toolkit gives TracePro users
a full-featured capability to analyze automotive lighting systems, including headlights/headlamps; tail, warning, and marker lamps; as well as outdoor and indoor luminaires. The Lighting Toolkit provides visualization tools and regulation tables to certify that simulated results meet the requirements of the lighting and automotive standards, and provides pass/fail criteria for ECE, SAE, IESNA, and FMVSS regulations.

The Path Sort Filtering in TracePro v7.8 allows users to apply a Boolean filter to specify the exact paths by which rays propagate through the system. Users can select the exact ray path they wish to investigate by building a filter, surface by surface, that they wish to investigate. After building the filter the user can apply it to visualize each ray path along with its corresponding irradiance map on the target surface. Lastly, all True Color plots in TracePro now have settings for Brightness, Contrast, and Gamma, including Irradiance/Illuminance, 3D Irradiance/Illuminance, and Luminance Maps.

TracePro v7.8 further enhances the most powerful and sophisticated illumination design software available for LED implementation in lamps and luminaires. TracePro streamlines the prototype-to-manufacturing process by combining an intuitive 3D CAD interface, superior ray tracing performance, advanced utilities, and seamless interoperability with other mechanical design programs.

Current users are encouraged to download the latest release. New users can sign up for a free 30-day trial of v7.8 which includes a live demonstration with an engineer.

Click here for the latest release